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Cool Stuff From The Mailbag!

Hi Guys at DBR -

I just wondered if anyone else realized there was an almost identical situation as the end of the Duke-Butler game, in Thursday's NBA playoff game between Chicago and Cleveland. The situation:

Chicago is up by one, 107-106 and Luol Deng (college: Duke) is at the line for two. There are 3.5 seconds left. Luol makes the first to go up by two 108-106. It's an almost identical situation as when Duke was up by two with 3.6 left. Luol misses the second, although not apparently on purpose. Anthony Parker of Cleveland gets the rebound and dribbles up the court for an attempt at a last second, half court shot. He shoots it from just inside halfcourt on the right side, almost the exact spot and angle as Gordon Hayward's. The result - it hits the outside of the rim and bounces away for a Bulls win.

When I saw that, helped justify Coach K's decision to have Zoubek miss the second free throw to create an uncontrolled situation. A half court shot without a set play (or even with a set play) is a difficult shot to make and the percentages are low - in the NBA or in college. Great job Blue Devils!!

Mike Egan Duke '85