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One of the reasons that follow a lot of people that we do on Twitter is because sometimes something gets weird and funny. Or sometimes just weird.

Take for instance the naïveté of Dexter Strickland, who recently found out that the reason he was put on earth was so that he can be successful. Being cocky when you're 18 and everything is going your way is understandable. Life will likely catch up to him soon enough. He can ask Phil Ford about that.

On the weird side though is Jason Whitlock. Over the last few days, he suggested that a) his mother and ESPN columnist Bill Simmons have a legal issue after Simmons supposedly touched her butt a few years ago. Then he made some Tweets about Tiger Woods' wife being at fault in their marital problems which seems a stretch to say the least. He then said that he was joking.

To round off the trio of weirdness, he now tweets that Magic Johnson once "knocked boots" with his sister, and that he was quite proud of this until Magic Johnson's shocking announcement that he had test positive for HIV.

They might all be jokes, and Whitlock is of course paid to be a provocateur, but if his bosses are reading his tweets, they may ask him to dial back.

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