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Interesting Question, Prev. Answered

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We have a lot of respect for the women's game. In many respects, it's better basketball than the men's game. Ask John Wooden; he'll tell you the same thing. It's a much purer version of the game, closer to what Wooden, for one, admires.

The idea that these guys have, though, of running a computer program to see how UConn's women's team would do against a men's team is unnecessary, since the answer has already been provided.

Like a lot of women's teams, UConn recruits male students to practice against their women's team to toughen them up. So how did the IM guys do against the greatest women's team in the history of the game?

By their reckoning, they won about 35% of the time. So it's fair to say that if an unorganized bunch of IM guys can predictably beat UConn's amazing team, it stands to reason that it would be very tough for them to beat a D-1 team.

And that's fine. The women's game is wonderful. It can stand on its own.

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