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A Hotel Plug

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We're not going to plug every hotel that comes along and asks, but this guy was nice and went to the trouble of sending a personal letter which we appreciated. So we don't mind passing this one on. Give him a call if you're heading to Indy!

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up for some fans that may be traveling into indy this weekend. We are a hotel off of I-70 that is 14 miles from Lucas Oil. Our rates are 219.99 plus tax for a 7 day week where they can use any or all of the nights, but would be perfect for the weekend when other hotels are up to $180 per night. Is there a way you could post any information on your website to let people know we have plenty of availability.

Jeremy Gray
Property Manager
Value Place Hotels, Plainfield, IN.
PH: 317-837-2950
Fax: 317-839-0009

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