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So What's Up At St. Patrick's?

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It's not nearly what it sounded like. There was an open gym (legal) for college coaches to observe prospects, for which St. Patrick's coach Kevin Boyle was present (illegal according to the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association).

While this seems like a tempest in a teapot, someone had to call it in. So who called?

Why, the NBA's greatest burnout, former State miscreant Chris Washburn, of all people. Apparently his kids were going to play there and then ended up back in Texas and he was aware of the violation and informed the authorities.

We should separate the issues here: rules is rules, as Popeye might say, and you has to has the rules and they apply to Boyle too.

On the other hand, Washburn is Washburn and while he seems to have cleaned up his act - or at least not to have coked himself to death - he still has the same petty and infantile mentality which ruined his life in his 20's. But he has advanced from a junkie to a vindictive snitch, so perhaps not all is lost.

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