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ACC Roundup!

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In Tuesday night ACC action, B.C. travels to Wake Forest for a matchup with
the Deacs.

ACC Tuesday Night Action!
Teams Times TV
Boston College @ Wake Forest 7:00 PM RSN
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Duke 7-2 .778 19-4 .826
Maryland 6-2 .750 16-6 .727
Wake Forest 6-3 .667 16-5 .762
Virginia Tech 5-3 .625 18-4 .818
Virginia 5-3 .625 14-7 .667
Florida State 5-4 .556 17-6 .739
Georgia Tech 5-4 .556 17-6 .739
Clemson 4-5 .444 16-7 .696
Boston College 3-6 .333 12-11 .522
North Carolina 2-6 .250 13-10 .565
Miami 2-7 .222 16-7 .696
NC State 2-7 .222 14-10 .583

The Eagles are in the awkward situation of improving, but not enough to make a big difference. They are clearly better than they were a few weeks ago though.

We like Wake in this one, though. The Deacs are just a step or two away from the top and have a lot of talent. They'll be tough for anyone.

Jeff Allen has had an up-and-down career for Virginia Tech, but Seth Greenberg says he's happy with where Allen is now and that he's having fun playing ball.

Another guy who's been up and down? B.C.'s Reggie Jackson. He's got a lot to learn yet, but the talent is pretty obvious.

Coach K, like just about everyone, has concerns about how the ACC is scheduling. But there's an easy way out: bite the bullet and bring back the round robin.

No great surprise here: Maryland's Greivis Vasquez is the ACC Player of the Week. He's playing the best ball of his career without question

Speaking of Maryland, Barry Jacobs has a nice column up on the late Bud Millikan and the role he played in integrating the ACC. Perhaps most impressive given the time in which he coached was his determination to make things normal for his players:

The more they learn about Millikan, the more his former players realize how much the coach did — without seeking publicity or appreciation, and in defiance of personal consequences — to ease their path as an integrated unit.

“I knew we left some places, we didn’t know why,” [Billy] Jones recalled of restaurants, hotels, and train stations in places like Durham, N.C., and Columbia, S.C.

“A lot of it, we were oblivious to it,” agreed [teammate Joe] Harrington. “He didn’t make it an issue.”

That is a quiet but nice thing to say. Compare it to the experience of C.B. Claiborne at Duke, where Vic Bubas, in so many ways a visionary, couldn't see the problem with having the team banquet at a segregated country club where Claiborne, of course, couldn't attend.

The ACC owes Millikan a debt.

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