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Terrence Ross Update!

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Terrence Ross, who recently decommitted from Maryland, and who lists his new schools as Duke, Kentucky, and Kansas, and who recently decided to leave Montrose, has turned up at Westwind Academy in Phoenix.

His new coach, Gary Trousdale told the Washington Post "[f]rom what I've been told, this whole transfer, I guess you could call it, is strictly for academic reasons. We've had great success last year with high-level players coming to us and really succeeding academically."

We don't know exactly what's going on, but his mother, Marcine, said previously that she had sent her son to Montrose because she "didn't want him to fall behind" academically.

One would have to assume that she's not happy with his progress there, but obviously, his academics are his business, and none of anybody else's, except for the schools he is considering.

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