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West Virginia Having Crowd Control Issues

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We're not sure this is exactly a candidate for the Duke Curse since it's self-inflicted, but the crowd at West Virginia is getting entirely out of hand. Seriously ugly stuff. The President keeps apologizing, but here's a suggestion: make the entire student body take breathalyzers before they can go in. Do that for a couple of games and odds are that a) you'll get most of the troublemakers and b) everyone else will be so sick of it they'll behave.

It gets worse. Check out this comment from this page (there are more too): "I agree that whoever threw objects onto the floor during the game were exhibiting bad sportsmanship. But hey, let's also call attention to the Facebook page wanting Bob Huggins dead by February 12th and posing the action blowing things up and poisoning his food. I don't see that getting much press."

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