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More To Deal With In Chapel Hill?

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This is pretty funny: as you know, things are not going that well in Chapel Hill and Ol' Roy has plenty on his mind. So he can add this to his list: Ed Davis is freelancing questions, which can't be popular in the athletic department at UNC, where the word control freak is at times an understatement. Our favorite so far:

Q: You say Rome wasn't built in a day, do you think we're at the Seven Kings phase of Roman History, the Roman Republican Era, or have we progressed into the Roman Imperial Era? Please at least tell me we haven't reached the invasion and fragmentation period

A: the hell is u talkin bout

Larry Drew II thinks it's such a great idea he might do his own:

"thinkin bout makin a forumspring ... it might help with some of the fans, ikno yall got alot of shit u wanna get off ya chest"

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