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ACC Roundup!

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When we were watching the UNC-FSU game and saw the 100 on the future Roy Williams Court, it took us a minute to realize what it was, then we thought: how nice of the Heels to put their RPI right out there like that!

Thursday's Game - Tulsa @ Duke
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Duke 11-2 .846 23-4 .852
Maryland 10-3 .769 20-7 .741
Virginia Tech 8-5 .615 21-6 .778
Florida State 8-5 .615 20-7 .741
Wake Forest 8-5 .615 18-7 .720
Clemson 7-6 .538 19-8 .704
Georgia Tech 6-7 .462 18-9 .667
Virginia 5-8 .385 14-12 .538
Boston College 5-8 .385 14-13 .519
Miami 4-9 .308 18-9 .667
NC State 3-10 .231 15-13 .536
North Carolina 3-10 .231 14-14 .500

Just kidding, of course. It's part of the 100-year anniversary. It's just that this season is starting to seem like it's 100 years by itself.

UNC lost, 77-67, and falls to 14-14 overall and only their wins over State are keeping them from absolute last place (they're tied for it now). Florida State at one point had a 23 point lead, and Deividas Dulkys outscored Carolina's bench all by himself, 17-14.

Other than the wins over State, UNC hasn't won since beating Virginia Tech on January 10th, and Saturday the Heels go to Wake Forest, and that's not going to be an easy game either. Next week, their RPI may really well be 100.

And while Roy Williams has long derided the ACC Tournament as being just for the fans, now it's his last hope. And as of now, if they ca't crawl out of 11th, the Heels will be playing on opening day at 9:30 pm.

Virginia Tech fell hard at B.C., thus fulfilling the main requirement of our estimation of the character of Virginia Tech's team: get way up for big games, but not so much for the lesser ones. But 20 points? We know B.C. is showing signs of life, but still.

For Tech, with little bubble room to spare due to their pathetic non-conference schedule, the loss is problematic. If they follow it up with a loss to Maryland, things could get dicey. Also likely to work against them: a 2-5 record in conference road games.

Jeff Allen continued his recent tradition of heavy fouls, leaving the game after just 14 minutes of action. Malcolm Delaney played 41 but shot just 5-16. Joe Trapani paced the Eagles with 17.

Maryland is looking more and more like a team of destiny, someone to avoid in the NCAAs. Latest evidence: they got down to Clemson by 15 at home, but roared back to win, 88-79 - and Sean Moseley broke his shooting slump as well. Greivis Vasquez finished with 15 points and 13 assists.

Here's a question almost no one was asking: will Tracy Smith leave early? Wisely, he says no.

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