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ACC Roundup!

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In Tuesday night's ACC action, Miami took down a fading Virginia, 74-62, although Virginia kept it close for about 34 minutes. In the big picture it doesn't really matter as neither team will be in the NCAA field unless it runs the table in the ACC Tournament.

With the regular season winding down, bubble watching is heating up, and for the ACC, the bubble is still slippery. Duke's in, and we think Maryland and Wake are, too. Virginia Tech should be, unless they blow it down the stretch. Their non-conference schedule works against them (ranked 337th!), so despite 21-5 and third place, they're not in yet. Duke would have been huge for them; next best thing would be to beat Maryland.

Wednesday's ACC Action!
Teams Times TV
Florida State @ North Carolina 7:00 ESPN
Virginia Tech @ Boston College 7:00 ESPNU
Clemson @ Maryland 9:00 Raycom
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Duke 11-2 .846 23-4 .852
Maryland 9-3 .750 19-7 .731
Virginia Tech 8-4 .667 21-5 .808
Wake Forest 8-5 .615 18-7 .720
Clemson 7-5 .583 19-7 .731
Florida State 7-5 .583 19-7 .731
Georgia Tech 6-7 .462 18-9 .667
Virginia 5-7 .417 14-11 .560
Boston College 4-8 .333 13-13 .500
Miami 3-9 .250 17-9 .654
North Carolina 3-9 .250 14-13 .519
NC State 3-10 .231 15-13 .536

Clemson and FSU are close, and Georgia Tech could be. There's still a lot of uncertainty though.

Georgia Tech has games at home with BC and Virginia Tech and a trip to Clemson. They need two of those, preferably all three and one in Greensboro to remove all doubt. The losses to Miami, FSU and Maryland, all by two, really could come back to haunt them.

FSU has a game at UNC coming up, Clemson and Wake at home, followed by Miami at Miami. Two should do it, but they could win all four.

Clemson may have the toughest closing stretch with three road games - Maryland, Florida State and Wake on the road, with only Georgia Tech at home.

And Wake, pretty rotten in the last two games, gets UNC at home Saturday and a road trip to Florida State before closing out with Clemson at home. Win two and all doubt is removed.

There will be a lot of nervousness between now and Selection Sunday.

Except of course in Durham and Chapel Hill. In Durham, the main questions revolve around diversifying the offense and how high a seed Duke can get. In Chapel Hill, the questions revolve around whether they can get an NIT bid and what Ed Davis's plans are.

A lot of people seem to be overlooking this, but the NBA and the union will have to work a new deal and the NBA is looking to cut payroll expenses. If you're Davis, do you jump now on the assumption that a contract next summer will be less lucrative? Tough call.

Hmmm....Seth Davis has this quote up on Tech's Gani Lawal and Derrick Favors by an anonymous coach. Well, maybe:

The biggest problem with Georgia Tech is that the Jackets invent turnovers. They play faster than they need to play at times, and that’s why they turn it over. They’re playing [Gani] Lawal and [Derrick] Favors, who are two mountains masquerading as men, but there’s not a lot of room when you play those two guys because they’re both low post players. They’re almost better when they play [Zachery] Peacock because now they have a four who opens them up a little bit. [Iman] Shumpert is very tough, but it looks to me like he’s trying to be in the NBA right now. [Mfon] Udofia doesn’t understand at this point how to play the point guard position. They’re so aggressive that they put you on the line. Lawal is an unbelievable rebounder but he’s a terrible passer out of double teams. Favors is a lottery pick but he’s unskilled labor right now. He’s a lot like that kid from Texas A&M, DeAndre Jordan — explosive, long and quick, but still learning how to play. They don’t have a guy that just knows how to get him the ball. where have we heard this recently..."They’re playing
[Gani] Lawal and [Derrick] Favors, who are two mountains masquerading as men.."

Oh we remember:
“[Brian Zoubek is] a mountain masquerading as a man. The guy is a huge human being. He gives you a little pop and he creates space to rebound the ball and he’s not too far from the basket once he rebounds it.

Anonymous no more!

In Wednesday's ACC action, Florida State goes to UNC to see if they can pile on to the misery that is UNC basketball right now, Virginia Tech hits B.C., and Clemson buses up to Terptown.

It's hard to pick UNC right now, so we'll assume FSU keeps the train rolling over them. Given Tech's tendency to get up for big games but not lesser ones, we could see an upset here. And Clemson? Well, they won down there without Demontez Stitt...still, that's a tough game in College Park. Terps by five?

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