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Hey Crazies, Here's An Easy Way To Do Something Good!

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Rick Couri, who is on the Tulsa radio crew, will be here this week of course for the game. But more importantly he'll be bringing his daughter, Lindsey, to Duke for treatment as she's had a very tough time with a brain tumor. Actually, it's her second, as she had one as a child.

Anyway, she's doing reasonably well, but still, it would be very cool to acknowledge her and to give her a little support. As you know, one of the best medicines there is is simply being happy and feeling joy, and a stadium full of people cheering your recovery would be pretty good medicine.

Not to mention after some of the atrocious behavior around the country recently, it would be good to show what a positive force a college basketball crowd can be, and no one does that better than you guys.

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