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Davis & Porter - What The Heck Was That?

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Whatever happened with Ed Davis and agent Vinny Porter is still kind of nebulous, but what is understood is this: Davis's picture and a profile showed up on Porter's site with Davis seemingly listed as a client.

Porter maintains his site was hacked and says he's going to investigate and will file charges if appropriate. Davis's father, Terry, says his son has not signed with anybody, although he (Terry) has talked to Porter.

Is certainly possible that Porter's site was hacked and Davis's information placed there. It's something we could see a rival doing. Or perhaps say, a fan of another school. Even so, it would be an odd coincidence.

As far as Davis goes, we have had a bit of a soft spot for him since he saw his tweet about the child former Panther Rae Carruth left behind: when Carruth had the boy's mother murdered, her baby suffered as well and will always suffer with cerebral palsy. Davis's simple, eloquent post: damn Rae Carruth. Hard to argue with that.

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