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Ryan Harrow Sticks Up For El Sid!

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State fans have been a surly lot for, oh, a couple of decades now as their fortunes have declined. Sidney Lowe is, at the very least, putting together a talented core of players, including point guard Ryan Harrow. State fans, though, have him a bit concerned and he felt compelled to post some comments online about Pack fans being too negative.

One hopes they'll listen to him or at least not respond negatively to him.

State has a long way to go to get to the top again, but El Sid has now Tracy Smith, Scott Wood, Richard Howell, Javi Gonzalez and Julius Mays, and they'll be joined next year by Howell, Lorenzo Brown, and Luke Cothron, and possibly C.J. Leslie.

Developing in the wings are DeShawn Painter, Jordan Vandenberg and Josh Davis.

Consider for a moment, a lineup of Smith, Howell, Leslie, Harrow and Brown, with Gonzalez, Wood, Mays, Vandenberg and Cothron as a bench.

That's an ACC-level roster. If he still can't improve, then fine, make a change. But give him a chance to compete with even talent - which he's getting - before he's run out of town.

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