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Sean Sutton's View Of Hell

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It's tempting to make fun of former Oklahoma State coach Sean Sutton after his drug arrest, but it's pretty clear that he's in a world of trouble, not just legally, but in terms of his addiction. Sutton was caught with several different pharmaceuticals, including Adderall, which he said he was using to wean himself from "illegal drug" use. Assuming that he means that Adderall is legal, the mind boggles at what he's done to himself: Crack? Meth? Worse?

Whatever it is, he went into withdrawal in his jail cell, sweating profusely and vomiting, according to this report. How can you not feel sorry for someone going through that?

Yet it's not his first time, as we learn now that Sutton had been to rehab previously, where he met his alleged provider.

He can forget his coaching career - no one is going to give their kid over to a junkie - and focus on saving his life.

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