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ACC Roundup!

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Here is an article about Wake Forest point guard Ish Smith, his brilliant senior season, and the one odd weakness to his game.

ACC Roundup!

ACC Standings

School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Duke 8-2 .800 20-4 .833
Maryland 6-2 .750 16-6 .727
Wake Forest 7-3 .700 17-5 .773
Virginia Tech 6-3 .667 19-4 .826
Virginia 5-3 .625 14-7 .667
Clemson 5-5 .500 17-7 .708
Florida State 5-5 .500 17-7 .708
Georgia Tech 5-5 .500 17-7 .708
Miami 3-7 .300 17-7 .708
Boston College 3-7 .300 12-12 .500
North Carolina 2-7 .222 13-11 .542
NC State 2-8 .200 14-11 .560

Tim Crothers has an interesting article up on UNC's struggles, framed by the dual unavailability of Tyler Hansbrough and Harrison Barnes. You have to wonder what Barnes thinks at this point. Obviously, as his November press conference shows, he has a rather significant ego. We're sure he's more inclined to see himself as a solution to their problems, but it still must be sobering to bet on this horse and watch it stagger in the race before yours.

It was smart of Roy Williams to apologize for his comments equating his basketball season with the suffering in Haiti. He released a statement Thursday saying this: "In no way am I equating the tragedy in Haiti with basketball. I’m sorry that my statement at the press conference made it seem like I was comparing the two. The people of Haiti are suffering through unimaginably difficult times. I know very well that we are just playing a game."

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