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Disgusting And Beneath Contempt

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Look, we know Roy Williams has had a rough year. But can anything possibly justify saying this?

"Our massage therapist told me, she said 'You know, Coach, what happened in Haiti is a catastrophe. What you're having is a disappointment.' And I told her that depends on which chair she was sitting in, because it does feel like a catastrophe to me, and that's because it is my life."

We make fun of him at times, but we fundamentally respect his talent. But this...this is just disgusting. Losing 11 basketball games is supposed to equate to tens of thousands of people losing their lives, perhaps 100,000 orphans created in the space of a few minutes?

This is obscene. If Williams doesn't promptly apologize, his A.D. and chancellor should force him to and UNC fans should demand that he does.

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