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ACC Roundup!

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In Wednesday night ACC action, Virginia Tech won in Raleigh for the firsttime since joining the ACC and possibly for the first time since 1917, Clemson took care of FSU, 77-67, and Miami shocked Georgia Tech, 64-62, on a last-second shot by James Dews.

ACC Roundup!
No Thursday Games!
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Duke 8-2 .800 20-4 .833
Maryland 6-2 .750 16-6 .727
Wake Forest 7-3 .700 17-5 .773
Virginia Tech 6-3 .667 19-4 .826
Virginia 5-3 .625 14-7 .667
Clemson 5-5 .500 17-7 .708
Florida State 5-5 .500 17-7 .708
Georgia Tech 5-5 .500 17-7 .708
Miami 3-7 .300 17-7 .708
Boston College 3-7 .300 12-12 .500
North Carolina 2-7 .222 13-11 .542
NC State 2-8 .200 14-11 .560

Okay, so it was close at the end. But consider this sentence from the AP account of the game: "Miami fell behind 8-0, then outscored Tech 41-19 the remainder of the first half."

Wow. Does anyone else come close to deserving to be called Team Stupid?

In Raleigh, Virginia Tech cracked down on State and just dismembered the Pack, 72-52. And don't look now, but Tech is 19-4 and looking strong for the NCAAs. After the game, Seth Greenberg told the Post that "I think they're starting to see possibilities. I think they're having fun. And you know what? They should be having fun. We're 19-4."

In Clemson, Demontez Stitt played 30 minues, which is bound to be encouraging for Clemson, and led the Tigers to a big win over FSU, 77-67. Andre Young and David Potter both had career highs.

The Tigers limited FSU to 37.9% from the floor and forced 15 turnovers. The loss drops FSU to 5-5 and raises Clemson to the same mark. Georgia Tech is also 5-5.

There's also a knot at seven losses with Miami and B.C. (3-7) and UNC (2-7), one at three losses (Wake, Virginia Tech and Virginia), and Duke and Maryland both have just two losses.

Typical ACC in other words.

The Maryland-Virginia game was canceled due to the heavy snows in the Mid-Atlantic, and among the people working hard to deal with the storm's aftermath: Dino Gregory's dad. He's in this video.

Unexpected story of the day: Florida State is fourth in the ACC in attendance..

Tony Woods can relax: his ejection against B.C. won't result in further punishment.

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