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Clutch Play! Furious Coach! Big Win!

You might watch every Duke game this season, men's and women's, and not see a more clutch play than <a href="">the block Jasmine Thomas pulled off</a> with Duke up by one and Xavier tossing a full-court pass to Special Jennings who had a clear shot at the layup.

Well, except for Thomas, who had just put Duke up on the free throw line with 2.5 seconds left. And then...well let her tell it herself:

"After the free throw, I thought they would try to inbound it as fast as they could so I took the closest guard to me.  When I saw the ball go up and take about five years to come down I just looked and no one was back there, so I just knew someone had to sprint back. Whether it was a foul or a block it had to be done.''

Xavier coach Kevin McGuff pretty clearly saw it as a foul and, according to the Durham Herald-Sun, "[w]hen no foul was called on Thomas, Xavier head coach Kevin McGuff and assistant Mike Neighbors leaped off the bench and charged at the officials on the court, yelling obscenities."

Man, sounds like the Heyman era! Wow!

Coach P said it was "the most professional block I've ever seen."

Watch the video. It was a remarkable play even just to get in position.

With the win, Duke moves to 12-0.

On the same night, UConn won their 89th straight.  The teams will meet on January 31st at UConn.