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A Misfire On Gaudio, Lefty

We would take issue with Caulton Tudor's article on Wake's coaching change in one sense: the replacement is certainly questionable.  But firing Dino Gaudio?  The guy was on what amounted to a make-good contract and his teams got worse at the end of each season.  Moreover, he didn't seem particularly aware of team dynamics like, for instance, who was leaving for the NBA early.

Now Jeff Bzdelik is going to have to prove himself, but so far he's gotten rave reviews from his players.  As Tudor says, the jury is still out.

Okay one other point of contention: what did he miss in 1986?  " It was certainly the league's most unusual since Maryland ditched Lefty Driesell after his 1985-86 team finished 19-14 and narrowly lost to UNLV in the NCAA second round."

No mention of Len Bias whatsoever, no mention of the accounts of his room being sanitized after his overdose, and for that matter, no mention of Driesell's phoning the alleged victim of Herman Veal, who was accused of sexual assault, and asking her to drop charges.  Then-President John B. Slaughter said it absolutely played a role in replacing Driesell.  He had also developed (prior to the Bias tragedy) serious concerns about how Driesell managed his program and in particular academics.

Lefty has always been a charming man, but there's no question that he himself greased the skids at Maryland.  Calling it an "unusual" firing requires one to completely ignore history.