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Things Are Looking Up For Football

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David Cutcliffe has been saying for weeks now that Duke football is improving, though the record didn't reflect it. Well it does now:  after beating Navy last week 34-31, the Devils knocked off Virginia in a highly entertaining game, 55-48. While no one will be overwhelmed with the defense of either team, Duke's offense has roared to life.

Though they averaged just 14 points from Alabama through  Virginia Tech, in the other four games, they've averaged 44.5.  Since the very young defense really hasn't stopped anyone yet, offense is the only way they're going to win.  And with explosions like Saturday's, well, that suggests this team will be competitive.  And here's a kicker, no pun intended:  Boston College and Georgia Tech, next up at home and in Atlanta, are both struggling.  And the season will of course end with UNC, a game where emotions are more important than expectations.

It's possible, if unlikely, that Duke could sweep all three. It's a shame in retrospect that they let Wake Forest and Maryland get away.  As Cutcliffe has said, they're not that far away.