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ACC Roundup!

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Say what? Georgia Tech needed overtime to beat some entity called Clark Atlanta? Man, this could be a long season in Hot Seat Atlanta. If Paul Hewitt is indeed excited about this season and team, this game may have tempered that.

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Is Biko Paris ready for a breakthrough?  Steve Donahue sure hopes so.  The combination of lost talent and a tough ACC draw could make for a long season.

In their first appearance under Donahue, BC beat Philadelphia University, 85-58.  Enthusiasm is apparently quite low though as only 2,350 people showed up.

Virginia had their first exhibition game against Roanoke College and won, as they should have, 82-50. With the prospective return of N.C. State to serious basketball, Triangle basketball could be back to where it was in the mid '80s - three powerful programs fighting it out.  That can only help everyone.

Although Kyrie Irving, Harrison Barnes and CJ Leslie get the bulk of attention, there are some other guys around the league who could surprise.  Caulton Tudor takes a look at a few.

For Virginia Tech, expectations this year could be a burden: how will they respond to that?  That could be a real challenge.

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