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Next Up - Cal Poly Pomona

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Next up for Duke is Cal Poly Pomona, and while they are a D-II team, they are the defending national champions and a team that understands winning.

They won last year and they finished second in 2009.  They made the elite eight in 1964, 2003, 2005, obviously 2009 and 2010.

Talent gap aside, their biggest challenge might be size.  They do have one guy who is 6-9, but just one other over 6-6.

It's hard to get a grip on a team like this because, unlike UNC or Michigan State or even Butler, they're not on TV and they don't get much press.  But they do understand how to win, even if this is the toughest game they're going to come across anytime soon.

In the last few seasons, Duke has made it a point to play lower-tier championship teams in exhibition games.  They beat Barton by 61 and Findlay by 36.  In that sense, it'll be interesting to see how Duke performs against the Broncos.  It's not really transferable, but it'll be interesting nonetheless.