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Barry Jacobs On Quality Ball Handling!

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Much was made of the willing acceptance of roles by Duke's 2010 players, particularly seniors Lance Thomas and Brian Zoubek. But Duke's reserve freshmen clearly learned their limits as well. Ryan Kelly (a turnover every 28.4 minutes in 227 minutes played) and classmate Andre Dawkins clearly valued the ball in their time on the court, understanding theirs was to offer what they could with minimal risk.

Most Minutes Per Turnover, 2010 (ACC Regulars, Minimum 300 Minutes Played)
Min. Per Player School TOs Mins.
47.3 Jeff Jones V 12 567
40.6 Jerome Meyinsse V 17 690
36.9 Tyler Roche BC 15 554
31.8 Andre Dawkins D 15 477
31.3 Dino Gregory M 16 500
26.5 Will Graves NC 33 873
26.4 Jordan Williams M 31 817
26.3 Victor Davila VT 30 790
25.9 Adrian Thomas Mi 28 726
25.8 Corey Raji BC 30 774

Three ACC players' 2010 totals in turnovers illustrate the limitations of rendering stats by per-game average. FSU's Xavier Gibson had 41 turnovers in 411 minutes over 32 games, 1.3 turnovers per outing. Boston College's Joe Trapani likewise had 41 turnovers but over 888 minutes, clearly a sign of greater caution and control. And N.C. State's Scott Wood had 41 ballhandling errors in 1029 minutes over 36 games, 1.1 per contest, quite impressive considering he was a freshman playing a perimeter position.

Only Maryland and Duke had better ratios of assists to turnovers than Virginia, which also had the ACC's most modest scoring offense and lowest field goal accuracy in 2010.

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