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Some Fun Election Notes

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We're not interested in discussing the particulars of Tuesday's elections, but we do want to point out three races of note:  first, Frida Black, who was part of the Durham D.A. office and was fired by Mike Nifong, failed again to win election. Last time it was D.A.; this time, she ran for District Court Judge.  We can't help but wonder if the association with the D.A.'s office has hurt.

Secondly as of midnight, Johnny Dawkins was in a taut battle with Diane Partfitt for the NC House District 44 seat.  Obviously that's not our Johnny, but you don't see the two names together all that often.  Go #24!  Whoever you are.

And finally, while we don't know anything about her at all, we have to give some props to Jenna Wadsworth, who won a spot as a Wake County Soil and Water District Supervisor.  Why? Because she's a 22-year-old N.C. State student.  It's kind of cool that she got her first real job with the approval of 111,494 bosses. Don't let 'em down!

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