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Bobby Parks Confuses Everyone

Here's a weird deal to mull over:  in the Philippines, former Memphis star Bobby Parks is a legend. His kid, Bobby Ray Jr., is highly regarded.  Georgia Tech says he signed a letter of intent. But his dad says that's sort of a verbal commitment, that it's not absolutely certain that he's going to follow through.

He might have to say that.  We don't know what BU stands for - it's in the Philippines and apparently his son plays for them and he works there - but we don't know how their system works.

And check this quote out: "The main objective of signing a letter-of-intent is to give a player an option," said an anonymous source. "What if the coach of Georgia Tech gets fired? The player may no longer be considered as he hasn't signed a letter-of-intent yet."

We'll see. Maybe.

Update: In what will become a classic bad move, Parks signed his maybe-letter-of-intent with Georgia Tech while he was visiting Steve Alford's New Mexico program!  From the Philippines! Wow.