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ACC Roundup!

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It may not be time to panic, but it could be time to ask: what the hell is going on in Chapel Hill?  How could might UNC nearly blow a 22 point lead against Asheville?

Wednesday's ACC Action!
Teams! Times! TV!
Wichita State vs. UVa 7:30 ESPNU
McNeese State vs. Miami 7:30 Why?

The Ol' Roy suicide/early death watch is on again:

“If I live through this team, I think we’re going to be a heck of a lot better at the end of the year.  But there is the big question if I’m going to live through it.”

UNC won 80-69, and that was the worst of the night.

Virginia trounced Oklahoma behind a sensational game by Mike Scott, who racked up 27 points and 15 boards.  Yow!  They won 74-56, thoroughly outplaying the Sooners.

Florida State beat Mercer 79-55 behind a strong game by their frontcourt.

Maryland beat 72-54 with no real problem.  Dino Gregory and Cliff Tucker combined for 29 in the win.

And behind a school-record 11 blocks by Ty Walker, Wake woke up against Marist, winning 81-59.

They didn't shoot well, but they also had just eight turnovers and put five players in double figures.  So a step in the right direction.

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