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A Couple Of Notes On K-State

We didn't stay up for the K-State Gonzaga game, but obviously the Wildcats romped. A couple of notes from the boxscore:

Kansas State turned the ball over 22 times to Gonzaga's 17.  They also hit 12-26 from three point range to the Zag's 3-13.  Free throws were about as weak as Duke's last night at just 55%.  They outrebounded Gonzaga by 37 to 24 overall and 10 to 8 offensively.  Nine blocks, nine steals and 16 assists.  Wally Judge fouled out in 14 minutes and Nick Russell nearly did with four in 14.

And while it's early, their results so far:  they beat JMU 75-61, Virginia Tech 73-57, and Presbyterian 76-67. Against JMU, they shot 4-9 for threes, against Virginia Tech 5-17, and against Presbyterian, 7-24.

Just wondering: why would you have to shoot 24 threes against Presbyterian?