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ACC Roundup!

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Poor Wake.  Poor, poor, Deacs.  Just 2-3, they've had painful losses to Stetson, VCU, and now Winthrop.  The Deacs went down, 83-74.  For all the criticism, though, ask yourself this question:  did Dino Gaudio strike you as a coaching genius?  Would he have had more luck?  Hard to say.

But if they don't improve quickly, it could be a six or eight win season.  Poor, poor Deacs.

Up in Beantown, BC knocked off Bob Cousy's alma mater, Holy Cross, 69-54 -- behind a great effort from freshman....walk-on Danny Rubin? Seriously?  Wow.

He started, too.  Got 14 points. He's played in two games thus far and is averaging 11 ppg. Bet you didn't see that coming.  He's not a midget - he's 6-6 - so maybe they have a nice find (Update: he's not actually a walk-0n, but rather a late signee).

Clemson moves to 4-1 with a win over Seton Hall, 64-58, in overtime. Demontez Stitt appears to be struggling with the new system: after his turnover cost Clemson a chance at beating ODU, he follows up with six vs. the Hall.  Not good.

Jeff Goodman says UNC will be just fine -- a "legitimate" Top 25 team by the end of the season.  Probably so.  We listened to Ol' Roy on the radio, and basically he said there were some things he couldn't teach them (I am not responsible), that they'd just have to either learn how to play or not (your fault not mine).

Add this to his rant about the media and Harrison Barnes -- you'll notice he didn't have this dadgum concern when Barnes had his over the top press conference, brilliantly manipulating the media to focus enormous attention on himself -- and it's been an impressive tropical wallow for Ol' Roy. Pity party! Someone bring hankies.

Things could be worse: he could have Wake's problems.

On the other hand though, whatever else you can say, Jeff Bzdelik isn't asking anyone to feel sorry for him.  Don't get us wrong, it's happening.  But he's not out looking for it.

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