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ACC Roundup!

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What a disastrous weekend for the ACC:  everyone lost except for Wake, who had to work Saturday to beat Elon, and Virginia Tech thrashed Greensboro Sunday, 92-70.

Otherwise? Yuck.

Miami blew a game at Rutgers they could have won, 61-45, Clemson lost to Old Dominion (we told you last night that that was a dangerous game), State lost to Georgetown, 82-67, and UNC fell to Vandy, 72-65, dropping the Heels to 2-2.

Ol' Roy's response? "What I'm looking for is five guys that play together as one." That doesn't sound encouraging.  He's also looking for a leader, and not having much luck thus far.

Like UNC, State is a young team, and they're missing their best player. They stayed with Georgetown for a half, but midway through the second, the Hoyas pulled away and State made some poor decisions.

Both teams will probably learn from these games, but there's probably more pressure on UNC.

State lost the war for shooting percentage, rebounding, free throws (by percentage), assists and blocks. And composure, too.

In the face of stiff defense, Miami just wilted.  Their backcourt scored just eight points, and only Reggie Johnson made double figures. The 'Canes shot just 29.2% - ugh.  It's just ugly.  Keep in mind that Princeton lost to this team by just five.

Some people would look at ODU beating Clemson as a bad sign, but that's a solid program.  They've done it to other teams before.  No shame in losing to them, especially when you're breaking in a new system.  Thing is, Clemson had a chance:  Devin Booker got a rebound with five seconds left, but Demontez Stitt turned it over.  ODU hit a shot, then Andre Young hit a meaningless three to make it a one point loss.

Finally, good for Virginia Tech.  It's not a big deal to beat Greensboro, but they played hard.  They don't always do that against lesser teams.

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