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This Should Be Settled By Now...

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Back to the old argument: K or Dean? Well, here's one way to measure it: four to two.

Here's a few more: with eleven Final Fours, four national titles, an Olympic championship and twelve ACC titles, he's clearly pulled ahead.  And don't forget that late this season or early next, he'll also become the all-time winningest coach in NCAA history.

And finally, as Al Featherston pointed out recently, no other winner of multiple titles has won them so far apart.  That's a level of consistent excellence that's remarkable in our unstable era.

He hasn't just surpassed Smith, in other words.  The only one you can really make an argument for anymore, other than Krzyzewski, is John Wooden.  And in his day, with a 16-team tournament seeded geographically, Wooden had more or less a permanent path to the Final Four.

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