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Barry Jacobs On Poor Free Throw Shooting!

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John Henson insisted he and coach Roy Williams were agreed that the UNC freshman's NBA future lay on the perimeter. Perhaps. His college career, however, has so far been a different story. Henson was the worst foul shooter among ACC regulars, had 10 more turnovers than assists, and made 22.2 percent of his 3-pointers.

Worst Free Throw Shooters In ACC, 2010
(Minimum 10 Minutes Per Game, Majority of Team's Games Played)
FT% Player, School FT-FTA Mins. Per G Class
.438 John Henson, NC 32-73 15.7 freshman
.455 Cortney Dunn, BC 5-11 13.3 junior
.471 Josh Davis, NCS 16-34 10.4 freshman
.481 Tony Woods, WF 25-52 13.3 sophomore
.494 Ishmael Smith, WF 44-89 36.8 senior
.496 Chris Singleton, FSU 57-115 31.4 sophomore
.500 Will Sherrill, V 4-8 15.4 junior
.529 Jordan Williams, M 64-12 1 24.8 freshman
.533 Devin Booker, C 24-45 11.6 freshman
.538 Victor Davila, VT 35-65 23.2 sophomore
.538 Xavier Gibson, FSU 28-52 12.8 sophomore
.543 Mason Plumlee, D 25-46 14.1 freshman

Wake Forest finished 20-11in 2010 and coach Dino Gaudio was fired. Three of Wake's losses - at Miami, Virginia Tech, and Florida State - were by four or fewer points. Imagine how different things might have been if playmaker Ish Smith had converted free throws at his 2009 rate (.789, 30-38), rather than with the fecklessness that marked his senior effort (.494).

Only Georgia Tech and Miami did not have a player among the ACC's dozen least-accurate regulars in 2010.

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