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Some Early Princeton Stuff!

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Duke opens with Princeton on Sunday.  Here's an article from the Princetonian on the Tiger's matchup with Rutgers on Friday before the trip to Cameron on Sunday. And here's a good article about the not necessarily vocal Kyle Singler. He's had to work hard on communicating Duke style but has really done well. He's a quiet guy who had to really adapt to Duke's constant chatter.  Interestingly, Coach K says this:

“When he talks, it’s just very innocent. There’s no agenda except what he wants to tell you: ‘I’m going to have fun. I’m going to go for it.’ I was never that way. I mean, I admire who he is. My goal is to have him be great as a player and not change. I’ve been lucky. I think he’s learning to be a little bit of a leader, but I don’t want him to talk all the time because it gets him out of his focus Everybody will listen if Kyle says something.”

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