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ACC Roundup!

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In ACC World, Josh Birch of the Diamondback welcomes New AD Kevin Anderson with a hearty "hell no!" as Anderson has suggested that chants and taunts are costing the department money.  Birch says people will come out if they put a decent team in play.  Nice! He also defends the traditional use of Rock n Roll Part II, although we now know that Gary Glitter is a disgusting pedophile. Go Terps!

Turns out the tutor at the center of UNC's academic investigation, Jennifer L. Wiley, gave her credit card to person or persons unnamed to use and was immediately repaid.  You know, we're the last ones to defend UNC, but if it was a one-day loan, we know the tutors aren't supposed to do it, and it's hard to think she didn't know that, but repaying it "immediately?" That should be a mulligan.  Big deal.

This theme will go on until it is old news:  UNC is seeking redemption. Speaking of the Heels, Jason Capel says he always knew he'd be a coach.

UNC seeks redemption; State seeks relevance: life on Tobacco Road.  Pretty much the same for Virginia, really.

Virginia Tech should be improved: will it be enough to make the NCAAs?

Here's the Richmond's Time Dispatch's ACC preview.

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