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More On UK & Kanter

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As you probably know by now, the NCAA has ruled that Kentucky freshman Enes Kanter is ineligible.  Mike DeCourcy has a strong opinion on this, arguing that the NCAA is being absurd.  Gary Parrish is somewhat less understanding, but he is from SEC country (Mississippi, if memory serves)  And here's John Clay of the Lexington paper.

As for us, we don't have a thorough understanding of the issues, but Kanter for an aging Alan Iverson seems like a fair trade to us.

It comes, coincidentally, as SEC partner Auburn is having a serious problem of their own with QB Cam Newton.   This

gets points for ingenuity, cultural commentary, and overall cleverness.

As usual when it comes to Kentucky, the story isn't nearly as interesting as the reactions. So here are some choice comments by Kentucky fans:


Eric Crawford said the Free Enes campaign hurt the case

Said that it put the NCAA on the defensive, and didn't want to let our fanbase dictate their decision.

I want to vomit on my nether regions

Consequences are one thing, but I honestly have no doubt in my mind, whether I was a UK fan, Washington fan, or Duke fan, that this wouldn’t have been an issue if he would’ve stuck to his Washington commitment. If Kanter was a Husky, there would be no investigation.

I hate the NCAA. They really messed us up when they put us on probation under Sutton. Why do they keep bugging us???

That whole FeDex envelope was a set-up. We were directly battling UCLA for Don MacLean (or McLean - not the singer), and adding Chris Mills and Shawn Kemp to Rex Chapman … we were gonna be great. I’m not saying we didn’t do other stuff and get deservedly whacked, but that one rubs me wrong. Plus, it hasn’t even stuck to Casey. Probably cause the people who matter know the truth, man.

Speaking of the Fed Ex debacle, why was it automatically assumed that UK send the package (VHS tape & cash) to Chris Mills? Did the NCAA ever actually prove Dwayne Casey sent the package? I personally find the whole incident impossible to believe, the package just so happens to open at the Fed Ex in LA and the cash came tumbling out. Not believable. If it is true, Casey has to be one of the dumbest people on earth.

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