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Barry Jacobs On Taking Care Of The Ball (Or Not)

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Taking care of the ball, or failing to do so, is a telling measure of a point guard's effectiveness at running a team. Jon Scheyer's miscue once per 22.6 minutes on the court in 2010 produced an ACC-best ratio of 2.98 assists per turnover, a key ingredient in Duke's success.

ACC Regulars Fastest to Commit a Turnover in 2010

Mins. Per Player, School TOs Minutes
8.3 Javi Gonzalez, NCS 109 900
8.8 Larry Drew II, NC 121 1064
9.1 Demontez Stitt, C 94 863
9.1 Maurice Miller, GT 54 491
9.4 Michael Snaer, FSU 80 755
9.8 Iman Shumpert, GT 92 904
10.0 Xavier Gibson, FSU 41 411
10.1 Greivis Vasquez, M 111 1120
10.4 Biko Paris, BC 76 790
10.5 Chris Singleton, FSU 96 1005

Not surprisingly, both starting playmakers who led the league in the frequency with which they committed turnovers last season are now looking over their shoulders as freshmen challenge for their jobs.

"If I have the most turnovers on the team, it's only right that people put that blame on me," acknowledges UNC's Larry Drew II, whose alacrity at producing turnovers was eclipsed only by N.C. State's Javier Gonzalez. "It's common sense."

In Roy Williams' system, with its emphasis on attacking offensively, a flood of turnovers is not unexpected. But the Tar Heels usually convert more than enough good shots to minimize the effect of such mistakes. Not last year, when, as Drew noted, many turnovers credited to the point guard were "a collective unit as a whole kind of thing."

Interestingly, Florida State had three of the 10 fastest to commit a turnover, and still tied for third in the ACC and went to the NCAAs. The last time FSU had more assists than turnovers as a team was 1997.

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