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ACC Roundup!

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Quick, someone get Bobby Cremins back in the ACC: the modern-day silver fox knocked off UNC last year and came within a whisker of getting the Terps before freshman Pe'Shon Howard hit a late jumper.  Looks like he might be a keeper for the Terps.

Otherwise, though, Maryland better get it together: they will see Pitt next week.

State fans are getting excited - good, they should be.  The freshman class is seriously promising.  In composition, in some ways, it reminds us of the Hawkeye Whitney/Clyde Austin class from the '70s. Unfortunately, Clyde and Hawkeye may still be resolving their debts to society.

In case you hadn't heard, Steve Donahue plans to go uptempo.  Just in case you missed it.  You know.  Last few times he said it.  Just wanted to make sure.

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