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ACC Roundup!

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The season is underway, and absolutely nothing has been proven.  But what the hell, why not start bracketology early?

Not that it matters, but ESPN has Duke as a 1 seed, UNC as a 4, Clemson as a 6 (and with a coaching rematch between Brad Brownell and Brad Stevens, no less)FSU and State as 7's, Virginia Tech as a 9, and Maryland as a 12.

Speaking of Maryland, the Terps take on Bobby Cremins and Charleston Wednesday night.  Hey, they got UNC last year, you never know.  Maryland smoked Seattle Monday night, 105-76.

The ACC season gets underway in earnest on Friday night when everyone except Maryland and Duke strap it on.

Tuesday night, State had an exhibition game against Pfeiffer and won 111-73, thus making a down payment on El Sid's promise to run more.  The three freshmen, Ryan Harrow, Lorenzo Brown and C.J. Leslie, each racked up 17. One for all and all for one!

One of the more intersting things to watch this season will be the new coaches and how they handle their players.  Take for instance Clemson's sophomore class. They get a fresh start.  How will it work out?

Here's a basic preview on the Seminoles.

Virginia has a long way to go, but Mike Scott is not a bad building block, and he'll be looked to as a leader for this team.

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