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Maurice Lucas Passes

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We're really sorry to hear that former Marquette and Trailbazer star Maurice Lucas has died of bladder cancer.

We always admired him.  He was a huge presence in the lane and was perhaps the NBA's finest enforcer.

He always had Bill Walton's back (Walton named his son, Luke, after Lucas).

He was also part of one of the funniest scenes in NBA history.

During the 1977 playoffs, when Portland was on their way to a remarkable title, they had to beat Philadelphia with Dr. J., George McGinnis, the future World B. Free, and a very young Darryl Dawkins, not to mention Mike Dunleavy and Doug Collins.

In Game 2, a brawl broke out and ever the enforcer, Lucas squared off with Dawkins, who was phenomenally powerful and 6-11 to boot.

So Dawkins opted to....juke and dance a bit.  And that was about all he dared with Lucas.

No one messed with the guy. Fifty eight is too young to go.

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