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Michael Jordan Shows A Lot Of Class

No great surprise that Michael Jordan is going into the Hall of Fame. When you run down the greats of the game, he's at the top and perhaps only Bill Russell has an argument as a greater player (we'd be inclined to give it to Russell because he won the last game played every season since he was a junior in college except for two: he was injured in his second year in the NBA, and the other was the year Wilt Chamberlain's 76ers briefly surpassed Russell's Celtics. Toss in the 56 Olympics too).

What is nice is that when he considered presenters, he passed over Dean Smith, Phil Jackson, Charles Barkley - really, he could have asked anyone - and chose instead State legend David Thompson.

For people of Jordan's age, Thompson was it. In North Carolina, it didn't matter who you pulled for - every kid idolized Thompson. Being able to ask your idol - and a guy who changed the way the game is played in more ways than one - to be your presenter is an amazing privilege. Good for Michael.

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