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The Dawn Of Heyman

Yesterday we had a great picture of Art Heyman on the front page, and a couple of days ago found a link to an article about his Duke teammate, Howard Hurt. So we figured it was time to dig through SI's great gift to fans, The Vault, and find a story on Heyman. This one is pretty cool.

First, check out the description of the area: "...separated by only eight miles of gently rolling tobacco land."

That's going back!

Heyman of course ginned up the rivalry to fantastic levels: "Triggered by an intense, strong and strikingly able young basketball player nicknamed The Pest, the trouble has already included a riot during a game, the suspension of three players, the impugning of the integrity of a conference commissioner, an Alice in Wonderland court trial and an uneaten birthday cake."

SI at their best. Groove on.

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