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Kyrie Irving Update!

Kyrie Irving is pretty unusual in that he is taking the media bull by the horns. While he's an active presence on Twitter, he's also been doing his own shows on Ustream. We caught the tail end of his appearance last night with a buddy (didn't catch his name) and listened as he took questions from people who typed them in.

He's said he likes to write and is interested in journalism, but we could see him getting into broadcasting eventually. He's pretty comfortable and composed in that environment, which you'd have to be to do it as well as he's doing it.

There was the normal character assassination between fans of different schools, but that's nothing new online.

On a different note, he's clearly interested in taking more visits, and we hope Duke fans will respect that. While everyone would love him in Durham, it is after all his decision and his life, and he's exactly the sort of kid you could respect whatever he decides.

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