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Duke Cruises Past Central, 49-14

Duke had a solid game against Central, but the outcome was no surprise, with Duke winning 49-14. With far more scholarship athletes than Central, and a higher level of athletes on top of that, better facilities, and better competition, the result was probably pre-ordained. Among other nice things, Duke found a running game: Desmond Scott got 100 yards and Patrick Kurunwune finished with 93.

Still, it was a good idea and we hope they play again. Despite being just a few miles apart, Duke and Central are worlds apart. The most recent example was the lacrosse case, but just as sad, in our opinion, was C.B. Claiborne's story. The first African-American player at Duke, Claiborne felt so isolated that he spent most of his time at Central, even getting a meal ticket there.

We're just guessing here, but we'd be willing to bet that not more than five of his white classmates ever set foot on campus at Central.

Anyway, kudos to both schools for putting this game on and for working consistently to draw the schools closer.

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