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A Seminole Denouement Coming?

One of the saddest things in sports is when someone doesn't realize that his time is over. Maybe the worst example was when Larry Holmes laid a brutal beating on Muhammad Ali, even while pleading with the referee to stop the fight.

It happens with coaches, too. We saw Lute Olson's career draw to a confusing close, partly due of course to an undiagnosed stroke which affected his temperament.

None of this goes over well with fans, who are usually just interested in your last success, not your whole body of work. So when a guy like Bobby Bowden sees his team lose at home to South Florida, a team that FSU would never have let come within 50 in years past, with a Tallahassee native at quarterback who had a heck of a game no less, well, fair or not, the fans are going to be upset.

And certainly it's fair to ask how B.J. Daniels got
out of Tallahassee and how Bowden could react by saying "He killed us. Boy, they've got a great one there." Similarly, his comment that "They whupped us. They're a lot better than I thought," may not go over that well with the devoted.

Things have changed in Tallahassee, and with Bowden about to turn 80, they're not going to change much this season.

Incidentally, former Duke coach Carl Franks is now the recruiting coordinator and the running backs coach for USF

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