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Next Up For Football - Central

Next up for Duke football is N.C. Central, the school which is physically closest to Duke, just 2.7 miles away, but one which has a minimal athletic history with Duke, and a school that many at Duke, indeed, are barely aware of.

The most famous game between the two was the Secret Game from the '40s. Recently the basketball teams have started playing. Football wise, though, this is a first. And while Duke carries most advantages into the game, this is a huge opportunity for Central, and underestimating the excitement in Durham would be a very serious mistake. We're not sure Central has ever gotten a crack at an ACC team, and this game will be the easiest road game in their history.

Duke and Central are treating this as a celebration of Durham, which is great. For Duke's part, we hope they'll also treat it as an opportunity to tear down some barriers. That's long overdue. Kickoff is at 7 PM.