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Binghamton Implodes

The short rise of Kevin Broadus appears to be pretty much over as Binghamton, in the wake of the arrest of point guard Tiki Mayben on charges of dealing crack, has now gutted their team, booting five more players off the squad, including leading scorer D.J. Rivera.

We're not defending this program, but it all seems arbitrary and rather sudden, and in fact everyone from the president, who now has to report directly to the SUNY chancellor Nancy Zimpher, has their neck on the line and is acting accordingly. You may remember Zimpher as the president who kicked out Bob Huggins at Cincinnati. We're guessing the folks at Binghamton do.

They haven't fired Broadus, whose program gets pretty much the same criticisms that Huggins got at Cincy, but they've just about guaranteed that he'll fail, and when he does, he'll be forced out.

The first link below, by the way, is a superbly well written account of the situation from the Binghamton paper and deserves recognition as fine journalism.

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