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Delonte West Has Lost His Mind

We'd heard the story about Cleveland Cavalier Delonte West being arrested on the Beltway on weapons charges, but had assumed he was in a car. But check this out about the NBA's would-be Mad Max:

These things really should come with a side-mounted guitar rack

"[West] was traveling north on the Beltway in a three-wheeled motorcycle called a Can-Am Spyder when he cut off a Prince George's canine officer near Route 214...He found three guns -- a Beretta 9mm in West's waistband, a Ruger .357 magnum strapped to his leg and a shotgun in a guitar case slung over his back, said Maj. Andy Ellis, a spokesman for the Prince George's police."

What the hell? Just more evidence that far too many people are unprepared for the challenges of the NBA, by which we mean managing your life and wealth, not just hooping it up and picking up groupies.

His father said that All I can say is Delonte was looking behind his back and protecting himself...Bottom line is there's a lot of not-too-nice people out here."

Well who said he had to socialize with them? You never saw David Robinson in this sort of story, or Muggsy Bogues, for that matter, or Grant Hill or Charlie Ward or A.C. Green or any number of sane, responsible adults.

By the way, weapons insanity aside (and apparently the shotgun in a guitar case is highway legal in Maryland), Cleveland G.M. Danny Ferry is probably not too pleased about the motorcycle issue. At least it's a three-wheeler with two in front, which is the most stable design for a motorcycle, but no matter what you do, if you're worried about people shooting at you, you're better off in a car. And if you can afford one of these, you can afford to secure a car, too.

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