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Announcing The Fall DBR Fundraiser!

September is here, which means October and the start of practice are just a few weeks away. We don't know about anyone else, but we can't wait! This has the potential to be a special season.

For us, aside from the pleasure of anticipation, it also means a rise in traffic and expenses, and so that means it's also time for our annual fall fundraiser.

As you probably know, the ad market has taken a major beating recently, and we can't count on that for much right now.

Help Support DBR!






Not into Paypal? You can mail a contribution to:Duke Basketball Report
5310 South Alston Avenue, Suite 210
Durham, North Carolina 27713

We've been here day in and day out since 1996 and since then we've taken less than two weeks off. We've also managed to stay independent and free, despite a number of offers and chances to charge fees. We have seriously considered it from time to time, but really, we don't want to do that. Keeping it open and free is much more our style, and we've really worked hard to stick to that.

To do it, though, we have to raise enough money to pay the bills, and they're starting to come due, oh, right about now, and needless to say, they have to be paid.

We figured a while ago that the best way to do a fundraiser is to ask you what the site is worth to you.

  • A dime a day? That works out to $36.50 per year.
  • A dollar a week? That works out to $52 dollars a year.
  • .50 cents per day, the price of most newspapers? $182.50 a year

You decide.

Every time we have had a fundraiser, we're just really overwhelmed, and it's not the donations as much as it is the incredibly kind sentiments that people send our way. Nothing means more to us than that. In the last few days, we've heard these comments from readers:

  • <!font size="3">LOVE the site folks...
  • <!font id="role_document" color="#000000" size="3">Keep up the great work; I don't know how I would get through the interminable off-season without you...
  • <!span style="color: navy"><!font color="#000000" size="3" id="role_document">Know that every day...<!font color="#000000">I’ll be reading DBR and thinking of this most wonderful part of my life

As fun as it is to do this, nothing's better than knowing that you guys see us as a part of your lives and that you want us to be here when you come calling. Thanks again for all the support - you guys are great!