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Next Up For Football - Kansas

Duke football is on the plains where they'll take on Kansas tomorrow. The weaknesses are pretty clear: the weak offensive line limits the running game which makes it easy to defend the passing game. Special teams, particularly kicking, is also critical. However, it's a young team in a rebuilding mode. As we've pointed out over the years, the tendency to fire coaches just as their first recruiting class has led to disaster. Better a mediocre coach with a plan than changing every four years.

At any rate, we're sure Coach Cutcliffe, who is not a mediocre coach, understands his team's issues better than we do and is working to correct them, or at the very least to mask them.

We're also pretty impressed by the excitement in Lawrence about playing Duke. Sure a lot of it is a continuation of the basketball rivalry. Still, it's nice to see a sense of excitement about playing Duke. It's been awhile. Kickoff is at noon!

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