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Bennett Finds His Heart In Recruiting

Virginia may be about to run football coach Al Groh out of town, but Tony Bennett is making a strong early impression and is putting together a solid first class in a hurry. Latest addition: 6-9 James Johnson, a redhead out of San Diego. The last big redhead out of there was pretty darn good as we recall.

Bennett has also landed KT Harrell, Joe Harris, and Will Regan out of Christian Laettner's alma mater.

Normally, we're not big fans of insulting opposing fans after youv'e beaten them, least of all at their place, but UNC's Cam Thomas did have a pretty funny line after the Heels knocked off UConn this past weekend. You have to overlook the fact that they won on a safety choke, which doesn't give you a lot of bragging rights, but still.

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